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Scuba Review


Age: 10 +
Course duration: Approximately 1 hour

Are you a qualified diver but have not dived for a while? Maybe you have a holiday booked and would like to brush up on your skills? Then the scuba review is for you. In this session, we will run through all the skills you need to get you diving confidently and safely again. From putting your equipment together and doing your safety checks, shallow and deep-water entries, calibrating your neutral buoyancy again, by the end of the session, you’ll be feeling right at home under the water again.



The Scuba Review is designed to get you back up to speed and feel confident in scuba gear again.
During this lesson, you will be assessed by a PADI professional and prescriptively tutored on the areas that require attention. We’ll run through the open water skills list seen below and ensure you are comfortable with the skills you had previously completed on your diving course whichever organisation it may have been with.

1. Dive Equipment Assembly
2. Put on dive equipment using proper technique
3. Buddy Check
4. Giant Stride Entry
5. Inflate/Deflate BCD at the Surface
6. Buoyancy Check at the Surface
7. No Mask Breathing Surface
8. Snorkelling
9. 5 Point Descent Over Sensitive Bottom
10. Regulator Clearing Two Methods
11. Regulator Removal & Recovery
12. Partially Flooded Mask
13. Alternate Air Source Stationary for 30 Seconds
14. Swim Maintaining Buoyancy
15. Air Check
16. Skin Dive
17. Snorkel to Regulator Exchange
18. Fully Flooded Mask
19. Mask Removal & Replacement
20. Air Depletion & Signal
21. Mask Removal & Replacement for 1 Minute
22. Exit Using the Ladder
23. Cramp Release at the Surface (with a buddy)
24. Neutrally Buoyant (Fin Pivot LPI – Optional)
25. Cramp Release Underwater (with a buddy)
26. Hover for 30 seconds
27. Alternate Air Source Swim for 1 Minute (with a buddy)
28. CESA – Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent
29. Tired Diver Tow 25 Meters
30. Scuba Unit Removal & Replacement at the Surface
31. Hover Orally Inflate for 1 Minute
32. Free Flowing Regulator for 30 Seconds
33. No Mask Swim
34. Emergency Weight Belt Drop
35. Weight Belt Removal and Replacement Underwater
36. Scuba Unit Removal and Replacement Underwater
37. PADI Mini Dive
38. PADI 5 Point Ascent
39. Orally Inflate the BCD at the Surface
40. Equipment Disassembly

After the session, we will discuss your progress and you will then be eligible to attend one of our monthly club nights in which you can further practice your skills.

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Additional Information

What will you need to bring?
• Swimsuit
• Towel
• Any personal equipment you may own

Who will be teaching?
Gregory Martin Dickson
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
PADI NO. 625386
CERT. DATE. 23-Oct-2002
Teaching Status: Authorised to Teach
RENEWAL DATE 31-Dec-2022

How many students will be in the water?
Instructor ratio: N/A due to diver being qualified

What equipment will be used?
Mask, fins, either a 7, 10 or 12ltr scuba cylinder, buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, regulator, and submersible pressure gauge.

Does my instructor have a DBS check?
To view DBS check, click here

Is my instructor insured?
To view insurance, click here

Course Form Required

Once you have booked your course you will be asked to complete the required course forms and submit them online.

Please see an example of the forms requiring completion here

By law all students must have completed these forms prior to the start of the lesson and will NOT be permitted to participate in this program without first completing and submitting the online forms.


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