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Seal Team


Age:8 – 10
Course duration: Approximately 5 hours(5 x pool sessions)
Price: £249.75 (price includes PADI Seal Team AquaMission activity workbook)

The PADI Seal Team allows your child to develop their scuba skills and become a certified pool-based scuba diver. The course is spread over 5 x 1-hour sessions called AquaMissions. It really is a terrific experience in which your child will become adept at breathing, moving, and communicating underwater. Finishing Aqua Missions 1-5 is equivalent to completing the skills in Confined Water Dive One from the PADI Open Water Diver Course. No prior scuba experience is required for this course. Click here to learn more

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The PADI Seal Team starts each weekwith a briefing then we move onto a skill session,followed by a game or activity. As well as mastering skills your child will gain valuable underwater experience and have lots of fun in their new environment. After each AquaMission your child will complete the appropriate challenge in their PADI Seal Team AquaMission activity workbook either before or after the pool dive.

During the 5 AquaMissions, your child will be taught the following skills

• Shallow water entry.
• Snorkel to regulator exchange, swim to descent point.
• Deflate BCD.
• Descend.
• Equalize ears.
• Breathe normally and monitor air while swimming.
• Clear partially flooded mask.
• Breathe from an alternate air source supplied by the instructor.
• Communicate using hand signals.
• Recover a regulator from behind the shoulder.
• Clear regulator using purge and exhalation methods.
• Use the low-pressure inflator to become neutrally buoyant. Gently rise and fall in a controlled manner, during inhalation and exhalation.
• Hover.
• Ascend.
• Inflate BCD at the surface.

Once all AquaMissions 1-5 have been completed they will receive a PADI Seal Team member card and a wall certificate recognising their accomplishment.

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Once your child has completed sea Team member what’s next?
The fun doesn’t stop here! The next logical step is the PADI Master Seal Team. After their 10th birthday, they could then move onto PADI Junior Open Water Course.

Additional Information

What will you need to bring?
• Swimsuit
• Towel
• Seal Team binder/logbook
Course Materials
PADI Seal Team Crew Pack which includes:
o Aqua mission Activity Book
o Log Book
o Wall Certificate
o PADI Seal Team Decal
o Application card

Who will be teaching?
Gregory Martin Dickson
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
PADI NO. 625386
CERT. DATE. 23-Oct-2002
Teaching Status: Authorised to Teach
RENEWAL DATE 31-Dec-2022

How many students will be in the water?
Instructor ratio: 6:1
With a certified assistant:8:1

What equipment will be used?
Mask, fins, either a 3ltr scuba cylinder, Child’s buoyancy control device with low-pressure inflator, regulator, and submersible pressure gauge.

Does my instructor have a DBS check?
To view DBS check, click here

Is my instructor insured?
To view insurance, click here

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Once your child has completed Seal Team member what’s next?
The fun doesn’t stop here!The next logical step is the PADI Master Seal Team. After their 10th birthday they could then move onto PADI Junior Open Water Course.

Course Form Required

Once you have booked your course you will be asked to complete the required course forms and submit them online.

Please see an example of the forms requiring completion here

By law all students must have completed these forms prior to the start of the lesson and will NOT be permitted to participate in this program without first completing and submitting the online forms.


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